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5 Environments Where Server 2016 Totally Rocks


With Windows Server 2016 soon to be released, people are probably wondering: How can it serve me? Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-ready operating system that can deliver the necessary security and innovation for your organization. These capabilities include increasing security and reducing business risk with multiple layers of protection that are built in the system.

Let’s explore several environments where Server 2016 could really excel and help your company.

  1. A Security Environment

Nowadays, the threat of an insecure server makes anyone feel uneasy, but Server 2016 offers a thorough security system so that you can focus on whatever you need to. For example, with the option of using the Nano server, there’s less of an attack surface — meaning there are fewer total vulnerabilities in your network. A feature of the Nano Server is that its attack server is 93 percent smaller, so there’s less code for hackers to access.

  1. Where Data is Everything

Besides being hacked, loss of storage also is fear that keeps everyone on edge. If data is a central part of your business, Server 2016 is right for you. Server 2016 offers a built storage replication into the OS. Through synchronous replication — where writes are stored locally and the host — and asynchronous replication — where the write is acknowledged after connecting — businesses can enjoy the benefits of data redundancy.

  1. A Needed Upgrade

Often, migrating is an ambitious task that can demand a lot out from an IT staff. Because of this, upgrading can sometimes take a backseat in a business, which might result in older operating systems that are facing end of life. Upgrading to Server 2016 will ensure that mainstream support will not face an end of life, which is helpful considering support for Windows 2012 R2 will be phased out starting in 2018. In that case, Server 2016 would totally rock as an investment for the future.

  1. When the Technical Requirements are Not the Best

In a perfect world, we would all have the technological equipment of the Enterprise. In the work world, though, you work with what you have, which is that dusty closet computer more often than not. The requirements for Server 2016 have your back though. It’s quite modest, so that’s perfect in an environment where upgrading is high on the to-do list. The technical requirements are a 1.4 GHz processor, 512 MB of memory, 32 GB of disk space, and 1 gigabit Ethernet adapter. In addition, with Nano Server’s feature of a small footprint, it will be less taxing on your system’s resources.

  1. For the Cutting Edge

If you work for a business that prioritizes investments in the future and want to do your part in pioneering new technology, then that might be the reason your environment will allow Server 2016 to thrive completely. You know that without early adopters of OSes, advances in research and design would be much slower.

Just imagine what it would be like with the innovation of the shielded VM solution, which puts the proven BitLocker technology that helps in preventing data loss or theft. Essentially, an investment in Server 2016 fits in with advancing the technology of future OSes.

Server 2016 is adaptable to many business environments, from those that are focused on investing in technology to others that may not have those capabilities. With its adaptable nature, Server 2016 can be game changing for any business, at any scale.

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