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Trainers Talk: Getting Started in IT

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Update: CBT Nuggets now has both CCENT/CCNA ICDN1 100-105 and ICDN2 200-105 training available online. Happy training, and good luck!

We focused a lot on networking and Cisco’s entry-level networking certification, the CCENT, this week. And for good reason. Networking is the foundation for just about every IT career!

Think about it, how many organizations rely on smooth-running networks not only for their infrastructure needs, but also to deliver products and services successfully to customers?

If you’re thinking, “just about everyone,” you’re right.

Having a strong knowledge and understanding of networking, and being able to apply it to real-world situations, can open many doors in IT. Plus, you can build on your networking expertise and advance into more advanced areas such as network design or administration.

Perhaps, you want to move into other areas of IT such as security and virtualization. Well, you gotta know your networking.

Look at the Big Picture

“Even performing the simplest system administration or developer tasks would be enhanced tenfold, if you had a CCENT-level [understanding] of networks,” explained CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara. “CCENT [gives you the] ‘big picture’ on how networks work.”

That said, Jeremy stressed that CCENT certification is an absolute MUST if you plan or desire to go into a networking field. Jeremy is the creator of the CBT Nuggets Cisco CCENT 100-105 ICND1 v3.0 training course that prepares learners to take the exam for the CCENT certification.

Differentiate Yourself with Certifications

“It can be valuable in a career when differentiating yourself from another entry-level person who doesn’t have that certification,” said Keith Barker, another CBT Nuggets trainer.

So, why exactly is Cisco’s CCENT certification an excellent starting point for becoming network savvy? Cisco has long been an industry leader when it comes to networking equipment and gear.

CCENT versus Network+

As a result, CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira said many organizations use Cisco products, and therefore earning a CCENT can be very valuable, especially in a Cisco-heavy shop. If not, he said CompTIA’s vendor-neutral Network+ course is a good option.

While studying for the exam required for the CCENT, you’ll be picking up the know-how and skills to get your career started and be able to handle yourself in many IT departments. Earning the certification validates your commitment to learning, which is arguably the most important building block of an IT career.

“It demonstrates a fundamental understanding of the basics for Cisco routing and switching,” Keith said. “A person who has properly trained for, practiced, and studied for the certification would acquire that fundamental understanding during that preparation, and for that reason it is valuable.”

Ready to conquer the CCENT? Begin watching Jeremy’s in-progress Cisco CCENT 100-105 ICND1 v3.0 course!

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