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Top 5 Bad Habits for IT Training (and how to fix them)


There are many bad habits that can doom your training. Some subtle, like not rewarding yourself properly. We explored something called the Habit Loop this week that’s incredibly useful for training.

Your team training manager can help motivate you with incentives, but ultimately it’s up to you to get a good system for your training.

Here are a few of the most common bad training habits and how to fix them.

1. Training at your desk

C’mon — you’re not really going to be able to concentrate there, are you? Where you train is a vital success factor toward mastering the material you’re learning. We’re willing to bet you have a near constant barrage of emails, tickets, social media alerts, and visitors when you’re at your desk — so let’s start by finding a quiet place conducive to learning where you’ll be able to focus.

2. Multi-tasking during training

Heard of the forgetting curve? We’re already predisposed to forget much of the information presented to us without measures in place to retain what is being learned, and our guess is that multi-tasking won’t help matters.

3. Not having a plan

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” and with our bifocals adjusted, we agree. Be intentional with your training and have clarity of not only what you’ll achieve, but how you’ll get there. Start developing your plan today!

4. Taking too much time

There’s a fine line between allotting enough time to be successful and planning in procrastination. Building a consistent routine through frequent training is a critical success measure. On average, we recommend 8-12 weeks for a course, which breaks down to about a solid 30-60 minutes of training per day.

5. Stopping

Before we break out in an awful rendition of a Journey song, don’t stop learning!

Stopping your training program, even when you’ve achieved your initial goal, is a surefire way to disrupt your good training habits and stumble back into complacency. Instead of stopping, take some time to celebrate your milestones, and then continue to sharpen your skills. The world of IT is constantly changing, and your training is what helps keep you relevant and informed.

It’s also valuable to know When to Stop Studying for your Cert Exam.

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