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Prepare Yourself: PowerShell 5.1 is Coming!

We more accurately titled this 30-minute webinar to “Running NanoServers on Server 2016 with PowerShell 5.1”.

CBT Nuggets trainer Garth Shulte runs through the differences between PowerShell 5 on Windows 10, and PowerShell 5.1 on Server 2016. He then uses PowerShell 5.1 on Server 2016 TP5 to spin up a NanoServer, demonstrates the copy parameter, and then crashes the Nano. Wait. What?!

Our favorite quote from the webinar (16:14): “Oh no. Our Nano is dead. What did we do?” The answer: He fixes it. 

And that’s the risk of demoing beta software.

Fast forward a bit. He gives the NanoServer a little more memory, gets it running, and shows off the NanoServer console.

Just a little sneak peak into his (crash-free) Server 2016 and PowerShell 5 training that’s coming soon. In the meantime, you can use Garth’s PowerShell 4.0 training to get a head start.

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