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CCENT Changes: What Do They Mean For You?

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Update: CBT Nuggets now has both CCENT/CCNA ICDN1 100-105 and ICDN2 200-105 training available online. Happy training, and good luck!

Well, Cisco has done it again. Their flagship CCENT and CCNA certification just went through its next major revision. The good news is that this revision is everything BUT major.

When Cisco took these certifications through a massive change last time adding quite a bit of content, this time they’ve pulled back. Instead of more additions and more content, we’ve now seen the removal of topics (such as OSPF) from the ICND1 exam.

In the new version, ICND1 candidates can expect to see:

  • More day-to-day, solving of common issues such as locating devices, connection breaks, IP address misconfigurations, etc…
  • Less complexity, more modeling (example: this is how a network should be designed vs. routing protocol negotiation failure troubleshooting)
  • More monitoring – determining and reacting to device outages

This is good news. It’s almost as if Cisco said, “Perhaps we raised the bar a little too high this last time.” Good job Cisco… Yes, the CCENT is supposed to get you INTO the field rather than make you a master of it.

Cisco expert Jeremy Cioara recently did a webinar about What’s New with CCNAv3.0, which should answer any remaining questions about CCNA.

So, what should you do then?

It all comes back to study and build. Study through the (still being created) CBT Nuggets 101-105 course. Build a lab environment to mimic everything that Jeremy does throughout the series.

If you’re really brave, convert your home network to a Cisco environment. Get rid of the D-Link router, replace it with a Cisco 2621. Segment your bedroom into a VLAN. Create a public WIFI subnet for your neighbors. Protect your XBox 360 from outside attacks using an Access Control List (ACL).

Our trainers also developed these additional resources to help you pass the CCNA ICND1/ICND2 exams before the deadline:

Cisco CCNA Hands-on Labs Using Wireshark & GNS3

IPv4 Subnetting

Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery

CCNA Transcender practice exams

The list of ideas could be endless. The key is to find practical, real-world situations to apply the concepts presented by the course to engage that muscle memory and transform into the Cisco ninja desired by thousands of businesses around the world.

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