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5 Reasons to Move to AWS Today

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Even as some IT professionals fight giving up control to the cloud, there is no denying the advantages it brings including the convenience, scalability, and affordability for the enterprise. Whether it’s a small , midsize, or large business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has something to offer that improves IT functions and process flow. If you haven’t already decided if AWS is right for you, here are five reasons why it’s time to migrate.

1. Uptime and Availability
How much money do you lose each hour if your website or service fails? Most companies have this cost estimated either per hour or per day. Regardless of how much it costs you, there is always monetary loss when a service fails. Even if the service is internal, it costs you money when employees and contractors are unable to work with network software.

AWS offers 100% uptime and availability, which means that your host provider will never be the root cause of revenue loss. This has a significant impact on a business that relies on a host provider to service customers at all times during the day even during off-peak hours for the office.

2. Improved Security
It’s a misconception that moving to the cloud reduces security. There are different types of attacks that are done on cloud servers, but hosting your site on AWS servers improves security. Amazon has several teams of security experts that ensure the systems hosted in their data center are secure.

Still, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to secure your services. Together with AWS security, you can improve the security of your public-facing servers and services to lock down customer data and avoid critical data breaches.

3. Scalable Costs
The cloud is known for its scalability including AWS. AWS is beneficial especially to midsize businesses that have peak and off-peak seasons. When hosting services in-house, costs associated with IT stay uniform regardless of how many resources are needed. With cloud services – particularly AWS – these service costs scale as you need them. When it’s your busy season, costs go up as revenue goes up. During off-peak seasons, costs are reduced as you no longer need these resources and revenue reduces. This type of cost scalability improves efficiency of an IT budget.

4. Performance
Cloud performance is undoubtedly faster than any internal systems. The cloud uses multiple data centers across the globe, so users request data from the nearest geolocation. As of 2014, Amazon had 11 regions where it hosted data centers. That means that anyone querying data from your cloud server can obtain the data much more quickly than if the server was located at one location at the home office.

It’s true that data is sent at lightning speed across an Internet wire, but even data traveling at that type of speed takes longer to cross the globe compared to accessing a server a few hundred miles away. This is one reason the cloud and AWS offers much better performance than hosting local services at a base office.

5. Low Startup Costs
AWS isn’t just cost effective due to its scalability. It also has a low-cost barrier to entry. This means that even a startup can obtain some of the advantages of the cloud without it costing them thousands of dollars in startup equipment. Anyone who has built a network from the bottom up knows that servers, networking equipment, and configuration time can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With AWS, the business can start with a low budget and work their way up to higher costs as the business grows. AWS is a full infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, so any amount of servers, software, and hardware can be introduced to the organization without the high cost of buying equipment upfront.

These five advantages are just a small part of what you get should you move to AWS. Amazon even offers a trial period, so you can identify if the service is right for you. Take advantage of the trial and you’ll soon realize that it’s time to migrate to AWS for your infrastructure expansion.

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