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SuperTrainerPalooza 2016

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If you’ve been with CBT Nuggets for a while, you know that we host at least one TrainerPalooza event every year. We invite a bunch of our trainers to Nuggets HQ in Eugene, Oregon, for a few days of serious business. 

You can see from TrainerPalooza 2013, that we were all business.


You can see from TrainerPalooza 2014, that we still meant business, but we lightened up a little.


In TrainerPalooza 2015, we really let our hair down.

Jeremy Duck

Perhaps you’re beginning to see why we’re so excited about SuperTrainerPalooza 2016, which will be happening June 6 – 9.

Why is this TrainerPalooza so super? Usually, we only have a few trainers in the house. This year, we’re hosting a mind-boggling 11 12 trainers! Because you’ve probably only ever seen our trainers on the interwebs, you might not know that they actually live all over the place.


trainermap (1)

It’s like a big CBT Nuggets family reunion, and we want to share the excitement!

During SuperTrainerPalooza 2016, we will be dedicating time to the serious work of improving your training. We’ll also be sure to have a little fun along the way, and we feel you should, too.  

Daily Prizes for #TrainerTrivia Winners!

How well do you know your favorite trainers? You’ll soon find out. Tune in daily to our Twitter page at 11 a.m. PST and Facebook at 12 p.m. PST for a #TrainerTrivia quiz question! We’re going to be breaking out the t-shirt cannon, so comment on Facebook or respond on Twitter with the correct answer will get a CBT Nuggets T-shirt.

There will be 10 questions about our trainers for #TrainerTrivia. See how well you do!

1-3: Ya Hardly Know Them. To be fair, our trainers are busy, busy. But all of them are rock stars — and have interesting backgrounds. As you get to know them better, bit by bit, you’ll be amazed how awesome they are!

4-6: Hey, They’re Sticking with You. When someone’s making a meaningful impact in your life, it’s a lot easier to remember quirky things about them. We’re happy that our trainers are helping you conquer!

7-10: Fanatic-level Reached. You really know our trainers! Maybe even better than they know each other. That’s a whole ‘nother level of impressive. Congrats!

SuperTrainerPalooza SuperHangouts!

Because we get to hang out with all the trainers, we figured you should be able to hangout with them as well. Stop by for a minute to say, “Hi.” Ask questions. And just hangout! Here’s the full lineup of SuperTrainerPalooza Google Hangouts:

Hangout with Keith Barker 

Hangout with Jeremy Cioara

Microsoft SuperHangout 

DevOps SuperHangout 

Daily SuperTrainerPalooza Updates

Stay tuned for more SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 coverage on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, as always, the CBT Nuggets blog.

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