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SuperTrainerPalooza 2016: Recap

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This week, we hosted 12 trainers at CBT Nuggets HQ for SuperTrainerPalooza 2016.

The three-day event was full of photo shoots, games, business, and a little bit of goofing around. Actually, quite a bit of goofing around while conducting business-type activities. Sometimes all four things at the same time. (See the DevOps Hangout to see what I mean.)

Sadly, it’s not every day you turn around to see Anthony Sequeira, Chris Ward, and our CEO Dan Charbonneau racing down the hallway on hoverboards. (Not just moving quickly, I mean, literally racing.) Similarly, it’s pretty cool to walk into the break room and see Steve Caseley sitting at an arcade game piloting a Galaga ship, killing alien invaders. It’s been a great week.

We had a lot of fun at SuperTrainerPalooza 2016, but it’s important to remember that the event also serves a valuable purpose for the trainers, the culture of CBT Nuggets, and for you, the learner.

Family Reunion!

We have many CBT Nuggets team members who work and live all over the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, including our trainers. You might not know this, but many of our trainers have been friends for a long time.

It’s among the only times of year when our trainers can take selfies like this: 


SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 was a success, if for no other reason than that photo now exists.

Planning Ahead

SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 was a lot of fun. It also got everyone into same room to brainstorm the next generation of CBT Nuggets courses, features, and IT training areas. There’s literally a couple centuries of combined IT knowledge in this room.


They’re also working to make our training even better. We host the trainers every year to peer review each other’s work, and share the best teaching and production tips with one another.

SuperTrainerPalooza SuperHangouts

Because we get to hang out with all the trainers, we figured you should also get a chance to hang out with them. Unfortunately, we can’t fly you all here, so we hosted a bunch of Google Hangouts. More than 200 people from our Learners Community and the larger IT community joined these broadcasts to ask about industry trends, career advice, and whatever else was on their minds.

You can watch all the SuperHangout broadcast recordings here:

Hangout with Keith Barker

Hangout with Jeremy Cioara

Microsoft SuperHangout

DevOps SuperHangout

Daily Prizes for #TrainerTrivia Winners

This week, we compiled a series of questions about our trainers that ranged from the common to the obscure to test your knowledge. So far, we’ve given away 10 daily prizes! Congratulations to all the #TrainerTrivia winners!

We’ll continue the #TrainerTrivia giveaway until Friday, June 10, so watch our Twitter page at 11 a.m. PST and Facebook at 12 p.m. PST for #TrainerTrivia quiz questions!

All the Fun Stuff

We strongly believe that IT training should be fun, so when we get together to talk about making our IT training even better, it should also be fun. Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post for a full album of photos from SuperTrainerPalooza 2016!


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