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SuperTrainerPalooza 2016: Recap in Photos

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This week, we hosted 12 trainers at CBT Nuggets HQ for SuperTrainerPalooza 2016. The three-day event was full of photo shoots, games, business, and a little bit of goofing around.

You can read all about the event in yesterday’s post SuperTrainerPalooza 2016: Recap.

Superpalooza - 5Some CBT Nuggets trainers regularly see one another at conferences and industry events, but the CBT Nuggets HQ staff doesn’t get that opportunity but once or twice a year and rarely do we see this many trainers in one place at one time.

Superpalooza - 12With 12 trainers at CBT Nuggets HQ, SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 was, well, super! It also required a significant amount of planning to make the best use of the three days. CBT Nuggets Trainer Wrangler Laura K. was tasked with herding the trainers into relatively tight semicircles. She’s shown here explaining the strictly managed fun-to-business ratio for SuperTrainerPalooza. Detractors were dealt with harshly.

Superpalooza - 13
Ben Finkel was dealt with harshly. That’s all you need to know.

Superpalooza - 31One of our newest trainers Simona Millham, who teaches Microsoft Office, flew from England to CBT Nuggets HQ in Eugene and, like the rest of the trainers, endured a full day of photo and video shoots. If you’ve ever seen any of the marketing material for our biweekly webinars, Google Hangouts, or course releases, you’ll see the smiling faces of trainers from their day under the studio lights.

Superpalooza - 44
(From left) Chris Ward, Michael Watkins, Steve Caseley, Brian Alderman, Shawn Powers, and the rest of the trainers spent entire afternoons in brainstorming and planning meetings, sharing training and production tips, and learning how to make CBT Nuggets IT training even better.

Superpalooza - 48Anthony Sequeira celebrates yet another victorious round of the notorious CBT Nuggets Hoverboard Run, and takes on new challengers. He remains undefeated.

Superpalooza - 16Anthony Sequeira and Chris Ward smile at a tiny computer. There was much smiling at similar devices held out at arm’s length over the course of the three-day SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 event.

Superpalooza - 28Jeremy Cioara practices his method acting in the CBT Nuggets photo studio. In this one, he’s told a radioactive lizard creature has emerged from the Pacific Ocean to wreak havoc on the small city of Eugene, Oregon. He’s stepped out of a shop onto the street only to see the 300-foot creature breathing flames in his general direction. (Don’t worry. He escapes.)

Superpalooza - 62Ben Finkel was dealt with harshly. That’s all you need to know.

Read more about SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 in this blog post.


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