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Simona’s SuperTrainerPalooza 2016

One of our newest trainers Simona Millham attended her first TrainerPalooza last week. Hear what she had to say about the event, and tour SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 in this video.

You can take the full tour of SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 on the blog:

SuperTrainerPalooza 2016: Recap

SuperTrainerPalooza 2016: Recap in Photos

SuperHangout with Keith Barker

SuperHangout with Jeremy Cioara

Microsoft SuperHangout

DevOps SuperHangout

What was SuperTrainerPalooza?

We host a TrainerPalooza every year where we invite a bunch of our trainers back to HQ for a few days. Why was this one super? Because we hosted a mind-boggling 11 trainers at our headquarter this year!

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