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New Learning Path: Server Technologies

learningplans-server-tech_FEATUREDThis week, we introduced four CBT Nuggets Learning Paths for professionals who want to conquer cloud computing, server technologies, security, and virtualization. Read about how to select and use your Learning Path (and Learning Plans) here. Got it? Alright. Get started on your Learning Path today!

There are a few areas of knowledge and skills that must be included in any successful IT pro’s skill set.

Arguably, the most important of those skills is server technologies. If you don’t understand servers, you won’t get far at all, whether you are in networking or DevOps. That’s why we are proud to introduce our new Server Technologies Learning Path!

This Learning Path is tiered into Introductory, Fundamental, Associate, and Expert levels. So you’ll start off with server basics such as understanding server administration, then move onto topics such as management tools and scripting, and cap it all off by mastering advanced server troubleshooting methods and features such as automation. See your Learning Path here.

Think of Learning Plans as if they are a school curriculum, during which you take prerequisite courses before you advance to the next in the series. The goal is to prepare you for success at each level. Each level is made up of specific Learning Plans to help prepare you for the next level of the Learning Path.

Read our blog post about how to select and use your Learning Paths and Learning Plans.

We’ve laid out all the videos you need to watch at each level. By the time you get through the entire path and all the Learning Plans within it, you’ll have the the know-how needed to excel in careers such as server administrator, system administrator, system programmer, and server virtualization administrator.

Make sure you understand servers, inside out and start down (or up) this Learning Path today! Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.


Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.

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