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CBT Nuggets Supports Those Who Have Served


The CBT Nuggets Outside the Wire program provides six months of free training to military personnel who are separating from the service. We recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by those who serve and we want to support their efforts to train for a civilian career in IT.

This Memorial Day we are thrilled to announce two pieces of good news from our Outside the Wire program:

The Military to Civilian IT Pro E-book
Moving from the military to civilian work can be daunting in any field but especially in a fast-moving industry like IT. To help you translate and transfer your skills, we created a guide to help you with everything you need to start your civilian career information technology, from study strategies, to resume writing, interviews and corporate culture.

Our free e-book of resources is designed for anyone transitioning from military service to a career in IT and is now available for download here.

The Newest Scholarship Winner
Chadd Chaffee was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) where he served as a Communications Specialist. He entered the Outside the Wire program in February and has trained an average of nearly 40 minutes per day.

We asked Chadd a few questions about his experience with IT and his future goals.

1. Why are you passionate about IT?
Information technology is more than just a job or a career, it’s a challenge. It’s constantly moving, changing and developing, and it presents unique and interesting challenges every day. I love the fast-paced, high-pressure days that keep me on my toes. I did not dread becoming a civilian because I knew that what awaited me was just as important and would help me learn and grow every day. I enjoy being an integral part of my company’s success and directly contributing to the growth, stability, and even innovations for cutting-edge technologies and network designs. Ultimately, I am just blessed to have an opportunity to support my family with a career that I know will be relevant for many years to come!

2. How is CBT Nuggets training an integral part of your career development and certification preparation?
CBT Nuggets has been the foundation for almost all of my studying for certifications and it helps me become familiar with different technologies. From practice tests that are integrated into the course to custom-created practice questions crafted by the Nuggets instructors, the information sinks in and I can comfortably retain everything I’ve reviewed. The charisma and enthusiasm of the team at CBT Nuggets is contagious and helps create a very positive environment and helps keep the material interesting and the viewer enthralled.

3. What advice do you have for other vets who are looking to enter IT, or develop their skills and pursue career advancement?
My biggest piece of advice for any vet looking to enter IT would be to start with the basics. Don’t pressure yourself to learn too much, too fast. Like many other skills, this one builds from the bottom up. IT is a big field that encompasses many areas, so make sure that you plan out the direction that you want to go: Security, Information Assurance, Networking, Programming, Systems, etc. But try to pick one, specialize in that, and become a master of your field.

4. What certification are you currently pursuing?
Currently, I am pursuing my CCNP as well as MCSE. These are very obtainable and I only plan to continue to seek out more after this!

5. What do you plan to do to celebrate when you certify?
When I complete these certifications, I plan to celebrate by taking a few days off from work and going on a small family vacation with my wife and son.


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