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Exam Tips: CompTIA Network+ N10-006

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It’s been a long-standing practice in the CBT Nuggets Learners Community for members to share study tips once they complete an exam. This blog series brings these tips to the larger CBT Nuggets community. Good luck!

Study Community Member: Asher M.

Exam: CompTIA Network+ N10-006

Date passed: February 2016

Study Material: CBT Nuggets videos,

Keith’s videos were my primary resource for training because he’s got a lot of insight as far as what goes into the test. The best videos were:

I also used LearnZapp’s Network+ app as a knowledge check. It was very helpful to quickly take some 15- to 20-question tests on specific areas, and the flashcards are pretty comprehensive.

The last thing I used was the Pearson Network+ Hands-On Lab Simulator. It did a good job of preparing me for the simulation questions in that this product was much, much more difficult than the exam.

Question 1: How difficult was this exam?

Not bad. Some of the questions were tough, but I figured it out.

Question 2: If you could go back to when you first started studying for this exam, what are the top three things you would tell yourself to pay more attention to?

  1. Port numbers and Acronyms: Make flash cards and just spend 5 minutes a day going through them before you start your normal study with CBT Nuggets. It helps bring together a lot of concepts when you understand all the port numbers and acronyms.
  2. Subnetting: Know it. It will help with more than you think.
  3. The OSI Model and where networking equipment/processes belong in the stack.

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