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New Course: ISACA CISA 2016

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Steve Caseley completed his ISACA CISA 2016 course, which prepares learners for the highly prestigious Certified Information Systems Auditor certification from ISACA. During the 98-video course, Steve focuses on topics including audit risk assessment, sampling methodologies, government and management of IT, problem and incident management, and much more!

We asked Steve to tell us all about his new course.

Q: Why should companies train their IT professionals in this set of standards? What value does it bring?
Having certified auditors on staff makes sense for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is the most cost effective method of having audits performed.

Q: From a learner perspective, what did you keep in mind when creating this course?
CISA audit certification requires a mile-wide generalization. As a result, I was very conscious of the depth to ensure I covered everything required without getting lost in the weeds.

Q: Any out-of-the-box tips for learners to get the most out of your course?
Doing an IT audit is all about ensuring that the standards and policies are being applied  focus on that and don’t worry if you don’t understand every nuance of every policy.

Q: What’s one real-world application someone can expect to use, thanks to this course?
Helping your organization be more successful with IT delivery.

Q: What was your favorite Nugget to create?
I don’t have a favorite. (Editor’s note: we find this hard to believe, but Steve chose to stick to his story, even when we pressed him on his answer.)

Q: What’s the one thing you hope learners take away from this training?

That being an auditor is fun. And that being an auditor is not being a bad guy. The purpose of the audit is help the organization be more effective  it’s not about catching and punishing people for making mistakes.

Here’s the first video in Steve’s new course:

Get started with ISACA CISA 2016 today! Start watching Steve’s new course!


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