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Exam Tips: Cisco ICND2 200-101

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It’s been a long-standing practice in the CBT Nuggets Study Community for members to share study tips once they complete an exam. This blog series brings these tips to the larger CBT Nuggets community. Good luck!

Study Community Member: Samuel R.

Exam: Cisco ICND2 200-101

Date passed: January 29, 2016

Study Material: Cisco CCNA ICND2 200-101, Exam Walkthrough: Cisco ICND2/CCNA 200-101, Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery, and Cisco CCNA Labs: Cisco for the Real World CBT Nuggets courses; Wendell Odom’s Official Cert Guide (and the Pearson IT Certification Practice Test engine that comes with it!) and Todd Lammle’s CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide; and Transcender® practice exams

Here’s what Samuel thinks you should know:

  • When watching Nuggets, take notes. And lots of them.
  • Along the same lines, take each of the exam objectives and add notes to each one.
  • Make sure you lab it up. It’s one thing to know, it’s another thing to actually understand what you’ve been watching.
  • If you find the exam questions tricky, take a deep breath, re-read the questions, and give them another go.

Study Community member Fraprim F. also recently passed the Cisco ICND2 200-101 exam! He conquered the test on January 2. In addition to stressing the importance of taking a lot of notes and doing as many labs as possible, Fraprim offered these exam tips:

  • Review Spanning Tree.
  • EIGRP: It’s very important to know the benefits and the terms.
  • OSPF: Study the process of electing DR and BDR.
  • Know VPNs, ether channel, HSRP, GLBP, and VRRP very well.
  • Study Frame Relay.

And guess what, Fraprim isn’t wasting anytime. He’s scheduled a CCNP Route exam for later this month! We wish him good luck in his pursuit.

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