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Top 7 Community Tips: A+ or Network+

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This week, we heard from a few trainers who cast their vote for either starting with CompTIA’s A+ or Network+, looked at the relevance of the certification, and also asked this question on Facebook:

“Would you recommend someone start out with A+ or Network+?”

Here are the top 7 answers according to your “likes”:

  1. “If you’re starting at square one and looking to get your foot in the door, A+ is probably a good place to start. But if you’re interested in networking and have even a few months IT job experience, I’d skip A+ and go for Network+, then Security+.”  – Todd A.
  1. “Depends on what field you want to go into. I went straight for Cisco certs and it served me well.” – Willie W.
  1. “I think it depends on your starting level. Neither certification will guarantee you a job, but both are good starting points for different levels of knowledge. I think the best thing a person can do is be honest with themselves on where their knowledge level and needs are, and start at the appropriate place.” – Joseph N.
  1. “Network+ is much more viable to me… unless you’re purely desktop support, but even then I feel like A+ offers little real world value.” – Andy P.
  1. “You need both certifications and thorough understanding. I can’t expect a tech to resolve a network printer issue if they don’t have any knowledge about networking. Understanding hardware, software, and networking will benefit you, trust me.” – Abel M.
  1. “A+ still. Network+ wasn’t that hard but A+ is better for a start as it’s the only one that gets to the basics. Can you imagine someone trying to work on your network without knowing how hardware/software basically works?” – Robert R.
  1. “Get whatever [certification] you can get your hands on.” – Alex H.

Thanks to everyone on Facebook who answered. You can check out all the comments submitted on the original post.

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