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Outside the Wire: Extended Deadline

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If you haven’t yet heard, CBT Nuggets Outside the Wire program provides six months of free training to military personnel who are separating from the service. We recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by those who serve and we want to support their efforts to train for a civilian career in IT.

We are thrilled to announce two pieces of good news from our Outside the Wire program.


Extended Deadline

The first is that we have extended the deadline for the Certification Scholarship, which reimburses recipients for the cost of their certification exams up to $300 USD. The new deadline is November 11, 2016, so eligible applicants to the Outside the Wire program have until that date to elect to be considered for the scholarship. We will announce winners throughout the year until the final winner is announced on November 18, 2016.  If you’re interested in learning more about the program or finding out if you or someone you know qualifies, check out the details.


Scholarship Award Winner: David Su

We are also excited to announce the first recipient of a Certification Scholarship. David Su is an airman who plans to complete his CCIE in Routing & Switching, and pursue a career as a Senior Network Architect.

We asked David a few questions about his experience and future goals:

Why are you passionate about IT?

I love technology and I feel that we’re the new driving force behind everything in the 21st century. In this field, things are always developing and changing so it never gets old and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

How is CBT Nuggets training an integral part of your career development and certification preparation?

CBT Nuggets has played a huge role in my success as a Network Engineer. I started off watching one of Jeremy Cioara’s videos and I was immediately hooked. Learning this technology can get pretty dry and with someone like Jeremy comparing the OSI layer to a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell, you know you’re in good hands. The videos have been excellent in breaking down the topics and the nuggets are short and sweet. My favorite series has been the Cisco CCNA Labs: Cisco for the Real World where Jeremy takes questions from viewers and fills in the missing information the CCNA exams doesn’t cover.

What advice do you have for other vets who are looking to enter IT, or develop their skills and pursue career advancement?

My best advice for a veteran looking to enter or developing their skills in IT is to evaluate if the field is truly the path they want to take. Through my limited experience, I found that it was harder for people to be successful in IT if they weren’t truly passionate about it. The IT field might not be everyone’s cup of tea at first, but once you dive in and understand the technology, you end up catching this bug which can lead to a very challenging and rewarding career. Also, don’t be afraid to fail.

What do you plan to do to celebrate when you get your CCENT/CCNA?

I have already passed my CCENT/CCNA and I celebrated with a motorcycle road trip around California. I plan to take the CCNP Routing and Switching (CCNP R+S) this spring starting with the switch exam. Hopefully after passing my CCNP, I’d like to branch out into the Service Provider and Design paths before attempting to tackle the CCIE.


We’re interested in hearing from you as well. If you transitioned from a military career to civilian work in IT what advice do you have for those who are just leaving service?



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