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Exploring 6 Myths about the Cloud

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Cloud, Cloud, and Cloud. Expect to hear that word a lot this year as more organizations and individuals turn to cloud-based services to meet their needs. And along with that comes a lot of questions!

So, we reached out to trainers Ben Finkel and Garth Schulte to confirm or dispel six popular myths surrounding the cloud. They both are Google Certified Trainers and recently earned Google Developer Expert status due to their expertise with Google Cloud Platform.

Garth and Ben have created all of our Google Cloud Platform training, while Ben has also created several Microsoft Azure courses. Don’t worry, we’ve also got Amazon Web Services covered as well!

Myth: Cloud prices are too high.
Ben’s take: When compared to the upfront investment required to build an on-premise data center, the ongoing overhead associated with hardware, software, and personnel management, as well as the inefficiencies of a static infrastructure that doesn’t respond dynamically, cloud starts looking very inexpensive.

Myth: The cloud is an “all or nothing” proposition.
Garth’s take: Not at all. If it makes sense, move it to the cloud. This will depend on many factors of course, but if that old legacy app is doing just fine where it is on-premise, you may want to leave it alone!

Myth: Managed infrastructure doesn’t have the flexibility I need.
Ben’s take: The major cloud vendors all offer a variety of options for hardware and software platforms, allowing you to bridge your own network with theirs or deploy customized machine images.

Myth: It’s much safer to store your data on-premise than in the cloud.
Garth’s take: The irony here is that your data is far more secure in the hands of a cloud provider that has teams of security specialists working around the clock to ensure your data is safe.

Myth: The learning curve is too high.
Ben’s take: Contrary to intuition, learning a Cloud Service is a piece of cake due to modern tools that combine intuitive interfaces with smart connections to the tools and services you’re already using.

Myth: Choose one cloud and stick with it.
Garth’s take: Every cloud has its strengths — and being a multi-vendor shop gives you flexibility in choosing the best home for your solutions.

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