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Top Ten “Disturbances” for Sith Admins

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, rebel forces waged war against a dark empire… But after all the action, someone had to clean up the mess, keep things running, and manage the vast networks of the imperial fleet.

So who kept the Empire’s tech battle-ready? A Sith Admin, of course. To commemorate this special day, we imagined the top 10 “disturbances” for Sith Admins…


1) Application “force choke”. 




2) BYOD – Bring Your Own Droid is a nightmare for security issues.




3) Tractor beam won’t boot after improper shutdown.




4) Air vent servers need a manual reboot, again.

2-reset button new



5) Blast doors need rewiring, again.




6) Communication panel “overheated.”




7) Printer connection issues.




8) Dropped packets.




9) Zero day exploits.




10) No inherited parent permissions in a folder you need to access.  




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