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Chewbacca, the Ultimate IT Guy


Chewbacca was more than just the comic relief. Though he was the less flashy of the Millennium Falcon’s pilots, and he may not have always gotten credit he deserved, he was the linchpin that kept the mission on track. Sound like anyone you know? Here are nine more reasons why Chewbacca is the ultimate IT guy….

1) No one understands what he’s talking about.



2) He’s chronically under-appreciated. 



3) He fixes the Falcon on Hoth.



4) He fixes C3PO after he’s blasted in Cloud City.



5) He also figured out how to operate the Scout Walker on Endor.



6) He doesn’t appreciate your user errors.


chewwie nope


7) He hasn’t shaved for quite some time. Hey … he’s busy.



8) He has a pretty sweet tool belt.



9) Given all his power and ability, he’s not someone you should make angry.

wookie mad


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