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Say Hello to Our New Google Expert!

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Garth Schulte remembers the first time he used Google’s search engine.

“It was 1997,” Garth said. “I thought it was so cool I could type anything and search for it. I’ve been a huge fan of Google ever since.”

So, it’s fitting that 18 years later Garth is now a Google Developer Expert in the area of Google Cloud Platform. He’s one of just 43 IT pros worldwide to earn the honor, and was notified of his status in late September.

Google Experts are a network of professionals who support individuals and organizations in learning how to use web and mobile applications. Schulte is one of the first non-Google employees to get Google Cloud Platform-certified and earn Google Authorized Trainer status. He has created or co-created three Google Cloud Platform video training courses for CBT Nuggets.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Garth said during a recent interview. “To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. But I am excited about what it means for me and CBT Nuggets.

As a Google Expert, Garth now can tap into a network of in-house Google developers whenever he has questions about Google Cloud Platform, attend and participate in events with other Google Experts, and access to new Google products and training before they’re released!

In order to be considered for Google Expert status, individuals first must be nominated by a Google employee or a Google Authorized partner. Schulte was nominated by Google Authorized Trainer, Sharif Salah. After submitting an application, Garth then went through an interview evaluation process that included two interviews and was used to determine his knowledge and skills using Google Cloud Platform and his ability to teach the technology.

Garth’s final interview was with Google developer Bryan Dorsey, who has played an instrumental role in the evolution of Google Cloud Platform and its services. Garth said he’s long looked up to Dorsey, so he was a little star struck.

“I was totally geeking out,” Garth said. “He kept trying to wrap up the interview and I kept talking. I was like, ‘Has it really only been a half an hour? I could talk to you for another hour. It was an awesome experience.’”

Garth said that he loves learning about Google Cloud Platform technology and then teaching it to students. And now that he’s a Google Expert, he’s excited what it could mean for CBT Nuggets and its learners. He offered this advice to IT pros who are thinking about exploring cloud computing:

“Google is all about the future, so it’s smart to start learning how to use the Google Cloud Platform now,” Garth said. “That way you’ll be prepared for all the changes that the cloud will bring. It’s everywhere these days.”

Congrats, Garth!

Start exploring Garth’s Google Cloud Platform training today.


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