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Security Fail Kids – Collect them all!

Every network has them… users that missed your Security101 lunch & learn. Or users that did go, but don’t really care. What’s the big deal, anyway? In honor of Cyber Security Awareness month we decided to revive an old retro favorite, with a little CBT Nuggets flare. Every day this week we shared a new Security Fail Kid on our social media channels. Now is your chance to collect them all!

card set

All Admins Alexa – Alexa just wanted to make sure you, and everyone else, had access to anything and everything, you might need on the network! She’s like the Oprah of admin access. EVERYBODY GETS ADMIN ACCESS!!!

all admin alexa (1)


Phishy Phil – Phil’s not a bad guy. On the contrary, he tries to be helpful whenever possible. Just last week he helped a dethroned Nigerian royalty. And that was you who asked him to confirm his login credentials via email, right? That’s Phil for ya, always ready to answer any request!

phishy phil

Sticky Note StanOh, Stan. That guy took your advice about password strength to the max. So much so that he can’t ever remember his password. So, just in case, he went ahead and wrote them down on sticky-notes. No one will look under his keyboard anyway, right?

Sticky-Note Stan

Toss Away Tonya – Her boss asked her to clean out that storage closet. So she did… and in record time too! She didn’t realize you’d want her to to, like, clean each individual disc and device off before she tossed it. Who goes dumpster diving, anyway?

Tossaway Tonya

Open Door Ollie – Server rooms can get pretty hot and stuffy, and you spend a lot of time in there. Ollie went ahead and propped that door open for you. You can get some fresh air, plus now he can easily come in and chat with you during his break! He’s just looking out for your health and well-being, after all.

Open Door Ollie

Crappy Credentials Craig & Lazy Login Louise – Craig and Louise will definitely never forget their passwords. Sure, maybe it’s Password7, but it has a number AND at least one capitalized letter, just like you said it needed to! It’s a two-fer and these twins think they’re winning!

lazy login louise


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