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Mlearning + Elearning = MElearning


Our friends at recently posted a great infographic describing the differences between mobile learning (mlearning) and electronic learning (elearning). They draw some important distinctions between the two styles of learning that recently have been gaining so much momentum.

Briefly, elearning tends to be done on (appropriately enough) electronic devices like computers via the internet. Whereas mlearning tends to be conducted on mobile devices including smart phones, tablets, etc. (who’d have thunk it?).

Generally, elearning looks a little like this:

  • Purpose: teach specific skills or impart in-depth knowledge
  • Keywords for learning: structured, formal, and time-bound
  • Medium: desktop or laptop computers
  • Duration: typically 20-45 minutes

Mlearning, on the other hand, looks a little like this:

  • Purpose: support ongoing learning; quick access to small bits of information – usually on the go
  • Keywords for learning: on-demand, portability, ready accessibility
  • Medium: smart phones, tablets, etc.
  • Duration: 3-10 minutes

CBT Nuggets is a rather unique hybrid of mlearning and elearning…making it MElearning! We bring IT elearning together with IT mlearning in some pretty great ways:

  • Purpose: teach specific skills and impart in-depth knowledge, on-demand, in easily digestible “Nuggets”
  • Keywords for online IT learning: structured, time-bound, on-demand, mobile, accessibility
  • Medium: desktop or laptop computers, and mobile devices
  • Duration: 3-30 minutes

CBT Nuggets creates training that meets your needs so you can approach your learning with a MElearning mentality!


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