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IT Managers’ Secret Weapon

toolbox_EMAILAs the manager of an IT team, you may wish that there were more than one of you. You have tons on your plate and rarely enough hours to get everything done. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have one of you for each part of your job? Imagine if you had one extra manager to deal with things like making sure your team is working efficiently and has all bases covered, another one to negotiate for your budget with the CFO, and another one to set expectations and keep tabs on team training goals.

You may not be able to clone yourself, and if the Michael Keaton classic Multiplicity taught us anything, it’s that cloning projects don’t end well. But we may have a solution….

We just released a trove of resources designed to help IT Managers, increase their team’s efficiency, plan study paths, prep for the future, and talk to the boss about money. Each challenge we tackle also features a different case study that highlights how an IT manager was able to use CBT Nuggets to make their team more successful, and ultimately more valuable for their organization.

It’s not a pen that shoots poison darts, or a cravat that expands to a parachute, but these secret weapons will be a lot more useful than all that stuff. Check it out!



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