Coach’s Playbook: Setting Yourself Up for Success
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Coach's Playbook: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Editor’s note: Each month, a member of our accountability coaching team will share his/her thoughts and tips for training success. Here’s the first post in the series!

In the worlds of IT and training, there are few things that remain constant. There’s so much changing technology — and so much to learn. One thing that does seem to remain the same is the mixed bag of emotions that arise when beginning to prepare for a new exam. The excitement! The adrenaline! The pit in your gut when you realize how much there is to be done! Like many things in life, getting started can feel like the hardest part. So here are a few tips on how to get over that initial hump when it comes to training.

Set a Plan: Looking at all the training that needs to be done can be overwhelming and daunting. The best way to conquer that challenge is to break it up! Set a time frame for when you’d like to get through your training goals. Once you’ve determined that period of time, break up the training into weekly goals. And just like that, your goals have gone from insurmountable to manageable.

Build a Community: When left to ourselves, it’s amazing how little we can get done. So build a community of accountability. Identify the people in your life who can be your support. From family to study communities to co-workers to one of our accountability coaches here at CBT Nuggets. Let them know your goals and give them permission to check in. The more accountability you have, the more likely it is that you’ll reach your goals.

Have the Exam Objectives Handy: Know what you need to know. Most vendors make available the objectives and concepts that will appear on their exams. Find the exam objectives for the certification that you’re studying for and keep it on hand for quick reference. This list will help you zone in on what you need to know.

And with that… you’re off! A wise man once said “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” So set your goals, devise a plan, and start well!

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