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What 10 IT Occupations Pay


It’s no secret that IT can be a pretty lucrative field. And as technology evolves, it’s a safe bet that won’t be changing anytime soon. Someone’s got to be able to handle cloud solutions or oversee those virtual machines, right? Curious to know what positions pay? We’ve put together a list, with the help of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, of some common IT occupations.

But remember, while earning a big paycheck is nice, it’s important to be passionate about what you are doing. If you aren’t, it could prevent you from advancing in your career, or worse, being happy.

Computer Support Specialist ($48,900 average annual salary). If you enjoy technology and helping people use it, then this could be an ideal position for you. You get to interact with people (admittedly, sometimes grouchy ones) and be a hero when you solve their issues.

Web Developer ($62,500). In front of just about every successful business is a dynamic website. And it’s web developers that help create and maintain those sites. If you’ve got a little visual flair, this could be a good career path to pursue.

System Administrator ($72,650). Ensuring that network systems are up and running smooth is a full-time job. Does the idea of overseeing the day-to-day operations of networks excite you? That’s what this position entails.

Programmer ($74,280). Are you more of a behind-the-scenes type who likes to get their hands on the nitty gritty of things? As a programmer, you write the code that makes software programs go. After all, code is what computers use in order to run programs.

Database Administrator ($77,080). There’s so much data out there. Terabytes of it. Think of the financial sector alone. Someone has to be able to work with the software needed to store, organize and access all of that data.

Computer Systems Analyst ($79,680). Especially within larger companies, it’s nice to have someone who can take a hard, unbiased look at the systems and procedures in place and measure their effectiveness, as well as make recommendations for improvements.

Information Security Analyst ($86,170). Another day, another security breach, right? So why not help organizations prevent security threats before they can happen? At the very least, it could be fun to think like a hacker and outsmart them!

Network Architect ($91,000). Networks are the bane of just about everything these days. So being able to design, implement, and maintain networks is a very desirable skill, and as you can see, being able to do so can pay well.

Software Developer ($93,350). Are you more of the creative type? Developing software offers an opportunity to create solutions to everyday tasks such as antivirus software, or even more specialized software that can help network performance.

Computer & Information Research Scientist ($102,090). If you’re really up for a challenge and enjoy solving complex problems, this could be the way to go. People with this position typically research, develop and create new algorithms for computers and then help test and implement them.

So, which of these position interests you most?


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