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Top IT Security Certs for 2016


Seems like a week doesn’t go by that another corporation, whether it’s the postal service, a giant retailer, or even a dating service, sustains a major security breach — putting consumers’ personal information at risk. As hackers are getting more creative (and more malicious), the demand for qualified and skilled IT security pros is increasing. The problem is, are there enough of these pros out there?

With that in mind, if you’re interested in IT and are deciding what certification pathway to pursue, you should strongly consider information security. Did we mention this particular area of IT can pay well? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for information security analysts is $86,170. So that’s why we thought this recent Tom’s IT Pro article that highlights several IT security-related certs to pursue in 2016 was timely.

While the list includes entry-level certs such as CompTIA Security+, it also makes the case more advanced certs that would be perfect for IT professionals who have existing IT security certifications. So if you want to expand your skill set, or maybe try a different direction, there are plenty of options. Here’s the thing about IT security: there will always be a demand for IT pros who understand threats, can think like a hacker, etc.

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