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7 Ways to Annoy Your Coach

featuredCBT Nuggets offers Accountability Coaching to its Premium subscribers that pairs a coach to a learner, in order to provide accountability and support throughout the training experience. Coaches are here to keep you on track to achieve your goals. As you might imagine, coaches are inherently positive people. But here are some (unfortunately) tried and true ways to annoy your CBT Nuggets Accountability Coach:

  1. Don’t train.
    Nothing gets under the skin of our coaches more than when learners aren’t learning! And coaches are here to help make sure you’re getting the job done!
  2. Create lackluster excuses for why you’re not training.
    If you have to use an excuse, at least entertain our coaches with something creative! For example, “Sorry coach, I couldn’t train. I was sprayed by a skunk and it took a week before I was allowed indoors again.” Okay, seriously, don’t make excuses! Our coaches are here to support your training. Be honest with them so they can help you overcome obstacles to your training!
  3. Don’t answer the phone for your scheduled coaching appointments.
    Your time is valuable! Help our coaches make sure you’re getting the most out of your training time by being on-time for your coaching appointments.
  4. Don’t respond to your coach’s emails.
    Communication is a two-way street! Help our coaches better understand what you need to be successful by communicating clearly!
  5. Give up.
    Coaches are here to help you succeed. But if you give up, there’s not much we can do to recover from that! Never, ever give up!
  6. Let a failed exam get you down.

    Learners pass – and fail – exams every day. Coaches are here to help you until the day you pass your exam! If you’re committed to your goal, we’ll be with you to the end!
  7. Keep it to yourself.

    Our coaches love to celebrate your successes with you! Whether it’s celebrating a stepping stone or a milestone, share your triumphs with your friends, family, colleagues, and of course, coach!

Ready to kick off your coaching experience? Learn more about coaching or get started by submitting a coaching form today! Just remember to avoid these 7 ways to annoy your coach!


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