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25 Ways to Reboot Your Brain


Training is hard. Especially when you’re trying to balance it with work and family. Sometimes, you just need to find a good way to reboot your brain. We asked our Facebook community what they do to reboot their brains.

1. Watch CBT Nuggets course[s]. – Birunthaban S.

2. Some cardio run/walk and/or weight lifting, and a good night’s sleep. – Barry A.

3. Go spend time with your family or listen to music to remember why you are doing this to yourself. – Mike C.

4. Take a nap. – William J.

5. Coffee! – Zach T.

6. Play with my kids. – Jose C.

7. Watch movies. – Mustapha M.

8. Play video games. – Gie S.

9. Take a 15-minute break and watch a [motivational speaker] video to get me pumped up. – Jay P.

10. Music, exercise, a walk, sitting in the grass. – David L.

11.Listen to music. – Karan S.

12. Think of how I can be like Jeremy and Keith. – Obaidullah S.

13. Put in an audio book or podcast and do housework, like cleaning, tidying, washing, or washing up. – Jan G.

14. Go for a bike ride, fly paragliders. – Kit E.

15. Go to a coffee shop. – Ibraheem A.

16. Plan a night out. – Thomas B.

17. (A)bort (R)etry (P)izza. – Vassilis M.

18. I take a week off, party hard, go somewhere, and do not think about IT at all. – Efim G.

19. Simple exercises. – Sayyed A. H.

20. Sleep well. – Nithin T. R.

21. Rest. – Victor O. U.

22. Going out with friends. – Maihan S.

23. Read something completely opposite of IT, like spirituality or cooking, then workout. – Derriziel P.

24. Sleep for a while. – Kason T.

25. Singing while eating. Sometimes watching romance movie[s]. – Runmark E.

How do you reboot your brain? Let us know in the comments below!


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