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5 NuggetHacks to Improve Your Training


Time to test your mettle and see how well you know your CBT Nuggets training tools!

Here are our top 5 NuggetHacks to improve your training experience:

1. Course update emails
Under the “New Courses” section there is a hidden little question. “Want to know when new courses are in progress?” Why yes, don’t mind if I do! This will make sure you’re the first to know when new courses begin so you are always in tune with the latest CBT Nuggets news.
You can access this option by clicking on the “new courses” link at the bottom of the courses view or just click here!


2. CBT Nuggets Study Community
Did you know that CBT Nuggets has an exclusive study group community for subscribers? If you’re not already a part of it, request access and check it out! This is a great place to ask technical questions, get exam advice, attend study group meetings, and meet other IT pros.


3. Transcender/NuggetLabs
Practice exams and NuggetLabs are two essential resources several courses provide that are often overlooked! The Transcender® practice exams are hugely beneficial in prepping you for your certification exam, in addition to verifying your knowledge. The NuggetLabs files are handpicked and created by are fabulous trainers to supplement your learning journey!
You can find these under the video player on the right side of the screen on applicable courses.


4. Speed Controls
Only have a few minutes to spare and want to get in some training? Or perhaps struggling with a concept and wish you could just slow everything down? You’re in luck with our speed controls! What’s your preferred speed of training?
You can find out by using the speed controls on the right side directly beneath the video player.


5. Transcripts
Want to quickly recap a video or perhaps do some good ctrl + F to find a particular mention within a video? Transcripts are for you!
They can be accessed by clicking the “Transcript” tab under the video player on the course of your choosing!

How many of these are you already using? Are you an up-and-coming training prodigy or already a seasoned master? Which ones did we forget? Comment below and share your favorites!

Former CBT Nuggets team member Katie Bowman whipped up this blog post for us.


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