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Windows 10: To Upgrade or Not?

email-blog (22)Windows 10 is finally here! To mark the big occasion, we asked our social community if they planned to upgrade (it’s free) to the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship product. Here are some of the responses we received.

“I would upgrade to Windows 10, but I run a Ceton InfiniTV which allows me to turn all of my Windows 7 workstations into TVs. Removal of this component is just evil, no reason why in 2015, your TV can’t be integrated into your computer.” –  Robert R.

“Yes. As an engineer, I always learn it is good to upgrade yourself to the newest technology, but I’m concerned about numerous flaws that’ll come with Windows 10….” – Jude I.

“I tried it on one test terminal and some softwares are not Windows 10-compatible (like kaspersky), so it’s unlikely I will upgrade the staff desktops. I will consider again after 6 months.” – Mohamad S.  

“No, because of automatic updates and windows as a service. Will stay with Windows 7 or switch to Linux full time.” – Eric R.

“Yes, once I do a full clonezilla backup of my windows 7, just in case I need to revert back. Newer is not always better.” – James F.

“Not now. I will see how it is going… to avoid such loops which were identified in Windows 8.1.” – Yohan J.

“I am considering it, but as I want to avoid the WaaS model that Microsoft is pushing, I may look into buying a copy outright like I did with each edition of Windows I have used. At that point, I would keep the SSD I have Win 8.1 installed on and use a fresh one for a fresh install.” – Clayton A.

“I only use Windows in a VM on my work computer to access MS Office for Windows, so if the IT Department wills it, it updates, and if not, it won’t.” – Jan G.

“An operating system should be an operating system… Nothing more.. Nothing less. I see no reason to upgrade from something that is already working just fine.” – Adrian S.

And last but not least….

“Yes, as it’s free.” – Ahmad A.

Indeed, if it’s free you might as well try it and explore all that it has to offer, right? It will be interesting to observe the reaction to Windows 10 as Microsoft’s last main OS release, Windows 8, was poorly received by many users. Share your thoughts below!


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