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New: EMC Information Storage and Management

email-blog_emc_isaData storage is one of fastest-growing areas in IT because, well, everyone relies on some type of storage these days. Start exploring data storage with Anthony Sequeira’s new “EMC Information Storage and Management (EMCISA)” course. The 43-video course has two main aims: Educate learners about data storage technologies and explain various EMC technologies and products! Anthony will focus on topics such as storage devices, Fibre channel, network attached storage, and much more.

We caught up with Anthony to get his thoughts on his latest course and how you can get the most out of it!

Q: Why should companies train their IT professionals in this technology? What value does it bring?
Data storage is quickly becoming one of the hottest IT topics because of the intense amount of structured and unstructured data that companies are wanting to store. More and more, we find valuable uses for all kinds of digital data. Having plenty of IT professionals in your organization trained in the latest Storage technologies will pay tremendous dividends.

Q: From a student-perspective, what did you keep in mind when creating this course?
I kept in mind the incredible scope that they have to study in this course. There is no fluff – just the facts they will most likely encounter in production, and in their exam.

Q: Any out-of-the-box tips for students to get the most out of your course?
Really use the EMC web site to supplement the course. There are so many products that we cover in this course, but those are just the tip of the iceberg for EMC technologies. So really use their site to supplement.

Q: What’s one real-world application someone can expect to use, thanks to this course?
Students will have the foundation to see any new storage technology and immediately understand it.

Q: What was your favorite Nugget to create?
My favorite Nugget to create was the one on Object-Based Storage. This is such an exciting new area and it was really fun to teach.

Q: What roadblocks did you come across when creating this training and how did you overcome them?
It is always a challenge to make this much theory fun. I accepted the challenge, and I dare anyone to find a course like this that is nearly as fun!

Q: What’s the ONE thing you hope learners take away from this training?
Storage is not dry and boring. It is an exciting and important world that can be very challenging and rewarding!

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