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Demystifying GCP: Storage

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of blog posts by Google Certified Trainers Ben Finkel and Garth Schulte that will explore Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Services won’t do you any good if you don’t have Storage space in which to put all of your data. Of course, Google has you covered with a wide variety of storage solutions that integrate well with the Google Cloud Platform.  Whether you need binary storage, schema-less entity storage or structured relational databases, Google has a product for you. Let’s demystify all that Google has to offer, storage-wise!email-blog (19)

Binary Storage
Cloud Storage: Google Cloud Storage is the binary/blob object store for all of your file serving needs. This fully-managed worldwide file storage system marries fast reliable reads and writes with convenient API access. Google is responsible for all of the infrastructure and software overhead, relieving you of that burden and allowing your team to focus on delivering quality solutions to your customers. Storage and retrieval is available via XML, JSON APIs, or with a variety of compiled libraries for popular programming languages such as .NET, Java, and Python. Not only is data stored in Cloud Storage readily available, but Google’s Edge Caching is integrated directly into the product so that all of your users can count on low-latency file delivery. Google also recently announced the new Nearline storage option for cold storage archiving that’s still highly available!

Schema-less Storage
Datastore: The world of transactional data is no longer ruled by highly structured relational databases;  NoSQL style databases allow for agile development and easy migration patterns. Google Datastore provides a robust schema-less NoSQL solution that’s available as a fully-managed platform. Read and write Entities directly from Google App Engine using fast client libraries for Java or Python, or simply utilize the direct RESTful interface from any endpoint. Datastore also utilizes a robust replication and synchronization scheme, allowing for fully ACID-compliant transactions with a querying language that is very familiar and SQL-like.

BigTable: If big data is your name and HBase is your game then Google BigTable is the solution for you.  BigTable is the technology that underlies many of Google’s most popular services including Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.  By offering this fully-managed HBase compatible clustered database service Google ensures that you can migrate to and from private HBase instances with ease.  On top of that, BigTable still offers the same high performance and massive scalability that you expect from Google.

Structured Relational Data
Cloud SQL: NoSQL may be growing in popularity, but the simple fact of the matter is that structured databases are not going anywhere. SQL offers a time-tested solution for highly transactional systems and central management. Google Cloud SQL offers MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, as a Database-as-a-Service for fully-managed database instances. Google handles all of the details for running your instances including replication, back up, and patch management. Tools such as MySQL Wire Protocol and JDBC make it convenient to migrate data on and off of Google Cloud SQL.  

The Google Cloud Platform provides a wide variety of Storage solutions for your cloud service implementation. Best of all, you don’t have to choose just one! By keeping costs low and integration options flexible, Google can help you to build a custom storage solution that integrates as many storage services as you need. Mix and match these products without the hassle of building infrastructure or hiring someone with expertise in each and every solution. With Google’s world-class team of engineers supporting your storage right alongside their own products, you can be confident in the speed and reliability of your cloud applications!

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