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5 Course Highlights from Microsoft SCCM 2012

email-blog (1)System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 is one of Microsoft’s deepest products. You could spend days just exploring all the different options, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, and workspaces! Clicking around a product is okay with a simple application, but SCCM 2012 R2 is way too big to learn that way. There are 34 videos in this training from CBT Nuggets. Some of the key subjects that are particularly important include:

  1. Installation and an Overview: Although this might sound like a simple topic for many products, SCCM has a great many prerequisites that need to be worked out. These videos will help prevent you from wasting hours chasing down prereqs and will also help you get the 30,000-foot view of SCCM before we deep-dive into the other topics.

  2. Boundaries, Collections, and Inventory: These topics identify what’s in your organization. After all, until you have this information, there’s really nothing for SCCM to do. Having this information is critical to subsequent topics such as operating system deployment, SQL queries, software updates, role-based security and much more.

  3. Software Metering and Deployment: These topics are some of the most important reasons why we are interested in leveraging the power of SCCM. It’s impossible in most organizations to manually inventory and deploy software. With SCCM, you can perform these tasks from the comfort of your own desk, and more importantly, do it without visiting a single desktop.

  4. Operating System Deployment: OS deployment is a huge undertaking and a high risk venture if not properly planned and sequenced. SCCM has the capability of performing truly touchless deployments to your desktops.

  5. Managing Mobile Devices: Smartphones and tablets were once novelty trinkets that only a few people in the office possessed. Now, most employees have mobile devices and each one represents an additional management point and security vulnerability. And now, you’re responsible for them – Congratulations! SCCM will help you to monitor and secure each device, even to the point that you can remotely wipe a device if it falls into the wrong hands!

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