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New: Photoshop for Developers

email-blog (9)Being a one-trick pony won’t get you too far these days in most industries, especially IT. Being diverse is important because it helps you stay on top of the ever-changing IT world. So why not add a visual element to your skill set?  That’s where our new “Photoshop for Developers” course can help!

Throughout the course of 20 videos, trainer Glen Stephens focuses on using Adobe Photoshop from a developer’s prospective — covering both basic and advanced Photoshop topics, including layer masks, slices, and even animated GIFs. But even if you aren’t a developer, this course can be beneficial. Maybe you want to create a visual outline of your latest idea. Or you need to present your completed project to the higher-ups in a manner they can understand. No matter the reason, being able to add visual flair can strengthen your non-verbal communication skills.

Learn the ins and outs of one most powerful visual tools out there — Start watching this course today!


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