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5 Reasons to Learn Visio

email-blog (10)You’ve got the knowledge, the ideas, and the plan for execution. But can you communicate all of that to your team lead or the CEO? That’s where Microsoft Visio can help! The diagramming and graphics application is ideal for making the complex (which, let’s face it, is abundant in IT) easier to understand.

We reached out to trainer Steve Richards, who is creating a “Microsoft Visio 2013” course, about how Visio can benefit IT pros. Here are five great reasons why he thinks YOU should conquer Visio:

1. Great communication tool. Sometimes it is hard to share ideas with others. They just don’t get it. Visio helps move concepts from your head to paper  — in a way which is easy for someone else to understand.

 2. Great collaboration tool.  Two minds (or more) are better than one. Visio allows multiple users to contribute to the same diagram, not only offering comments, but actual revisions during the design process.

 3. Great way to stay in “shape.” You know what a Cisco Nexus 9000 series switch looks like, but can you draw it? Visio offers thousands of component shapes, created by artists and engineers for your use.

 4. Great way to test the process. Design visualization is critical BEFORE placing the purchase requisition. Visio helps your team “see it” before they buy it.

 5. Great minds have purposes; others have wishes (Washington Irving). There is no other program which helps an IT professional better visualize their dreams.

Ready to get visual? Watch the completed videos of Steve’s in-progress “Microsoft Visio 2013” course.


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