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10 Ways to Make an IT Pro’s Day

There are plenty of ways to stress out and challenge the folks in IT, like downloading that strange attachment. With a little help from our fans and trainers, we’ve gathered a list of ways to make an IT pro smile. Feel free to email it to all your users. 😉

1)  You could say, “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in some spare gear I have laying around?” -Christan F



2) Order them a pizza for lunch.  – Chris L

pizza gif


3) If you can be genuinely interested in at least one of my nerdy ramblings then you will have my heart forever! – Aaron A

I love it


4) Many times an IT professional will work long hours and provide lots of service, but not get the recognition s/he deserves.  Surprising an IT professional with a formal “Thank You” goes a long way. – Keith Barker

thank you dwight


5) Tell them cloud computing is not going to put them out of a job. – Michael W



6) Learn something new. Hone an existing skill. … Do something fun.. like build a VM, lab, or play in the cloud! – Garth Schulte

smart dog


7) Leave them alone – James G

go away


8) Increase their budget. – Jake R

dollar dollar bills


9) Acknowledge and celebrate their value. – Shawn Powers



10) Take time to understand an IT pro role and show respect, empathy and consideration. A simple thank you goes a long way, because they are few and far between.  -Brian Alderman.





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