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How to Conquer Cisco Live

email-blog (7)WHOA! Cisco Live is just around the corner! And guess what? Keith Barker will be presenting at the five-day event that runs June 7-11 in San Diego, California. We reached out to Keith and Anthony Sequeira (he’ll be there as an attendee) for advice about getting the most out of Cisco Live. So if you’re planning to attend, here’s how to conquer Cisco Live:

Early bird gets the worm. If there’s a Cisco certification that you’ve been eying, there’s no better time to go for it than at Cisco Live. While supplies last, one free Cisco written exam is included with the purchase of a Full Cisco Live Conference Pass! Here are more details. So register ASAP, and remember, that the offer can only be redeemed during the conference.

Ready, set, go. After you register for the Cisco Live, use the “Schedule Sessions” dashboard to guarantee a seat in the sessions you want. You can browse by session type, technology, solution or focus area, or use a general search. For example, if you search “Keith Barker,” you’ll find that he’s teaching sessions on IPv4 subnetting and MPLS L3 VPNs.

Comfort counts. If you are traveling from the East Coast, or maybe even Europe, you will be battling jet lag. Bring whatever might help you sleep better — whether it’s a pillow or a blanket!

Get the app. Once you arrive at the event, use the Cisco Events Mobile app on your phone or tablet to download the slide decks for the presentations you are planning to attend. This can help you decide (sooner rather than later) if you still want to sit in on those presentations. If not, you can choose sessions that are more interesting to you or fit your needs better.

Take extra notes. Bring plenty of note-taking materials (pens, notepads, index cards, etc.). You can download slide decks and obtain PDFs from technical sessions, but there will be a lot of times presenters share a lot of extra great and useful information!

Bring spending money. Souvenir shop! Duh. And more importantly, Cisco Press Bookstore! Can you say, “SCORE!!!”

Be social. Be sure to attend any social events that you can. Many vendors sponsor after-hours gatherings, which can provide excellent networking opportunities. In fact, Anthony asks, “Remember when Cisco Live was called Cisco Networkers?”

Come see Keith! This goes without saying, but Keith would love to see you at one of his two sessions: The CCIE Candidate’s Introduction to MPLS L3VPN Networks or Mastering IPv4 Subnetting Forever. But if you can’t squeeze one of them into your schedule, keep your eyes peeled for him and say hi!

Have fun in San Diego!


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