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10 Time-Wasting Activities to Replace with Training

Wasting time is as old as …. well, time itself. As long as people have had productive tasks that need doing, they have found ways to avoid them. In celebration of your commitment to convert those wasted minutes to useful, career-boosting training time. Here’s our list of ten mostly-useless things you could easily replace with ten minutes of Nuggets.


1) Very important internet news …

cat keyboard


2) We’ll just call this “non-essential research”.

web surfing


3) Listening to a co-worker’s extended stories.



4) Or sitting around the water-cooler telling your own.

best water cooler


5) Obsessively checking your phone for new alerts and texts.



6) Angsting over the fate of your fantasy sports teams.

fantasy sports


7) Video games.



8) Binge watching your favorite TV.



9) Flame Wars … on the Internet, no one changes their mind. 🙁

angry typing


10) Waiting in line … you could always use our mobile, or offline training at the DMV.



There are lots of things you can do that get you nowhere, why not dedicate just ten minutes to getting somewhere good? But don’t just take it from us…








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