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Top Trends In Depth: Cloud

email-blogEditor’s note: This is the last post in our series on resources for our projected top IT trends for 2015.

What is it? The term “cloud”  refers to the practice of hosting data, memory, processing power, and apps in remote data centers. As a user of cloud services, you don’t have the physical infrastructure that makes the internet go, it lives in “the cloud.” Cloud services provide scalability, reliability, redundancy of data, and maintenance of hardware, leaving you free to focus on the fun stuff. For IT pros, Cloud is unavoidable; technologies this revolutionary are why we talk about skill obsolescence.

What can I do with it? AN-Y-THING. Some folks argue that “cloud” is essentially a rebrand of the Internet, after all- what is the Internet but a way to access data and services that don’t live on your local machine. Cloud services can help you build and manage everything from infrastructure, to applications, databases, storage, and any mashups in between.

Where to start? If you’re looking to get started with the Cloud you have your choice of vendors. From the currently dominant Amazon Web Services (AWS), to the up and coming Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Want to get to know each of these vendors and the services they offer?

  • Amazon Web Services: Our resident AWS guru Jeremy Cioara wrote an excellent blog series, “Exploring AWS” that covers all the capabilities of this technology as well as introducing Amazon’s certifications, and tips for conquering this technology. For a brief rundown of AWS’s utility, watch our “Intro to AWS”  or “AWS in the Real World” NuggetCasts. And if you’re ready to get your hands dirty (or damp-it is the cloud after all) watch Jeremy’s “AWS in the Real World” webinar where you can learn how to configure your very own Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Google Cloud Platform: What can GCP can do for you and your business? Watch this “Google Cloud” NuggetCast featuring Google certified trainer Garth Schulte to find out. And if you still need more convincing, you can check out Garth’s “5 Reasons to learn Google App Engine,” or watch our “10 Reasons to Love the GCP” webinar, hosted by Garth and Ben Finkel.
  • Azure: Trainer Ben Finkel can’t get enough of the cloud. Here are his five reasons to learn how to get on the cloud with the fastest growing provider out there. Interested? Don’t forget to sign up for next week’s Azure webinar.

Our Training Thanks to our new site layout, all our cloud focused training is in one handy list.

So what are you waiting for, get training and get your head in the cloud.


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