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Got 10 Minutes to Change your Life?

email-blog (1)Training is hard, right? We get that. But we also know how important it is.

Take a second to think about how IT training can benefit you…. Maybe you’re studying to conquer a certification that will qualify you for your dream job or a promotion. Maybe you want to learn a new skill and go the extra mile for your clients. Maybe you want to one-up your work nemesis.

No matter how great your motivation, sitting down to train for 30 minutes or more can seem like a daunting, unattainable task. But committing to just 10 minutes? Totally doable, right? Right! That’s why we’re introducing 10 Minutes a Day. Training 10 minutes a day can get you the skills you need to create major change in your life.

How does it work? Simple: Step 1- Sign up to receive daily training reminders from us at the time you want. Within 24 hours you’ll receive your first reminder to train, and each day thereafter you’ll get a friendly nudge to give us 10. Step 2- open the email. Step 3- Train!

Sometimes finding the motivation to get started is the hardest part. The daily reminders will give you the kick in the pants to get training. All you need to do is take that first step.


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