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5 Reasons to Learn ITIL®

blog - 5 reasons to learn ITILHaving worked in the IT industry as a trainer and consultant for more than 20 years, you would think that I personally would’ve invested time in learning and certifying in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) environment. IT service management is huge, and with my background in Project Management, it should have been something high on my priority list. Sure, right after learning technology after technology, maintaining certifications I already have, and breathing, I’ll jump right on that.

But, after some persuasion from my boss and a recommendation from (the incredibly smart) Steve Caseley, I decided to dive in. I picked up my copy of the core library and began preparing for the ITIL® Foundations exam. Along the way, I began to get stoked about this process-based look at providing services to customers — without throwing the IT department under the bus.

There are a lot of benefits to using ITIL®, but what are the advantages of knowing ITIL® for an IT administrator or help desk tech?

1. Understand the “Why.” When it comes to IT service management, we usually see senior management driving what services are being offered to the customers. By taking ITIL®, you might gain a better understanding of the driving factors for offering those services. It doesn’t always mean it’s the best reason, but it will give you a better perspective.

2. Helps you communicate. Once you understand the “whys,” you can start communicating with upper management about your capabilities and what is necessary to support or undergird the new services being offered.

3. Increases effectiveness. The more that both sides of the equation understand and see the benefits of ITIL®, and appropriate IT Service Management (ITSM), the better the overall service offerings will be. This increases the value you bring to the company — and the value of the company.

4. Establishes processes. If your company wants to be effective, like Walt Disney World, the IRS, or other large organizations that realize the benefits of ITIL® methodology, then learning and training on the ITIL® Lifecycle at all levels will help your company have an organic and integrated IT department. It truly helps both the business side and the IT department.

5. Advances your career. Why not make more money and advance higher in your organization? By becoming ITIL® certified, you  can begin a journey of obtaining higher and better paying positions. ITIL® is one of those great management career paths you can follow. I’ve talked with several individuals who have benefited greatly from this certification path. If you like IT, and want to increase your value, ITIL® Foundations is a great place to start.

Start exploring ITIL® by watching the completed videos of Chris’ in-progress “ITIL® Foundations” course!

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