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Top Trends in Depth: Programming

IT_trends_programming_illustrationEditor’s note: This is the latest post in new blog series where we take a deep dive into resources for our projected top IT trends for 2015.

What is it?
The most fundamental definition of programming is, “writing instructions for a computer to follow.” (Thanks to our QA team for that very straightforward answer.) CBT Nuggets developer Peter O. describes programming as including “everything from building desktop software to game engines for video games, to connected vehicle services, to phone apps, and operating systems.”  ‘Programmer’ and ‘web developer’ are often used interchangeably in job descriptions. Though each role has a different focus, both career paths require programming skills.

What can I do with it?
Programming skills can open the door to a new career path, and for IT professionals having a familiarity with programming is an essential skill for their day to day work. One of CBT Nuggets resident IT pros, Mike O., puts it this way, “Even as a system administrator, I do some level of programming. You have to be able to automate commands and you need a programming background or experience to do that. Often scripting requires programming and depending on what type of system you support, you use some flavor of a scripting language for administrative tasks. In Linux you have Bash, and in Windows, you have either batch files, or more commonly, PowerShell.”

Each programming language and framework has its own particular qualities and advantages. If you’re wondering what skill to dive into, you may want to read our trainers’ thoughts on why you should learn Python and the value of Angular JS.

Where to start?
Our trainers agree that if you are brand new to programming, Python offers a very low barrier for entry. Its terse syntax and English-like grammar make for an easy introduction to software development concepts and structures. If you’re looking for an introduction to AngularJS, you can watch Ben Finkel’s webinar, this NuggetCast, and even this Nugget. You can also browse our Programming Level 1 course listings, for Microsoft and Scratch courses.

Our Training
CBT Nuggets rock star trainers, Garth Schulte and Ben Finkel, are your expert guides to many of our programming and development courses. And thanks to our new website, you can browse them all in one handy list. Ben’s trainer playlist on YouTube has more free Nuggets, including Node.js, as well.


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