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New: Photoshop Fundamentals

email-blog (28)Sure, you can set up a network in no time, but why be a one-trick pony? A diverse skill set only makes you a better IT pro. So add Adobe Photoshop to your impressive resume by watching Steve Richard’s recently completed course, “Photoshop Fundamentals.” During the 15-video course, he covers basics such as setting up workspaces, colors and effects, and more.

We caught up with Steve to get his thoughts on why learning Photoshop is beneficial!

Q: Why should companies train their IT professionals in this technology?
Photoshop is the ‘Kleenex’ of image-editing software. There is no other program which offers this level of capability. Using the cliche, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ the value for the company, can be stated ‘a BAD picture is worth _ _ _ _?’”

Q: From a student-perspective, what did you keep in mind when creating this course?
Fundamentals. Photoshop is a VERY complex program; offering literally thousands of editing combinations. I tried to cover main areas and offer examples to demonstrate the basics.

Q: Any outside-of-the-box tips for students to get the most out of your course?
Watch each Nugget more than once. Take the concepts, open your own image file, and experiment.

Q: What’s one real-world application someone can expect to use, thanks to this course?
Crop the crap out of an ordinary photograph and make an image that tells a story.

Q: What was your favorite Nugget to create?
Layers. This is my favorite feature of Photoshop. I used a BLT sandwich to demonstrate the concept.

Q: What roadblocks did you come across when creating this training and how did you overcome them?
Photoshop has so many choices. This is a fundamentals course. I had to constantly remind myself of the title.

Q: What’s the ONE thing you hope learners take away from this training?
Pablo Picasso reportedly said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” I hope all learners will use this course as a stepping stone towards producing great art. Yes, even IT professionals!

Ready to get a little visual? Start watching this course today!


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