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New: CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 Hands-on Labs

Blog_csco_300_135_labsWe’re big fans of “It’s one thing to know something, it’s another thing to be able do that thing…” logic. Are you ready to put your troubleshooting knowledge and skills into action? Start watching our just released “Cisco CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 Hands-on Labs” training course! This course from Keith Barker is comprised of trouble ticket scenarios to help you improve and refine your troubleshooting skills. If you are planning to take Cisco’s 300-135 TSHOOT exam, this course can help you be even more prepared on test day!

Here’s what Keith had to say about his latest course, and how you can get the most from it!

Q: Why should companies train their IT professionals in this technology? What value does it bring?
Troubleshooting is a large part of the design, implementation, and management for any network or system. This course will assist the learner in practicing methodical troubleshooting, and in the process, increase their skills and experience with the technology. These skills will result in more effective and timely troubleshooting in a production network.

Q: From a student-perspective, what did you keep in mind when creating this course?
I wanted to have each student be able to get the hands on practice, so that is one of the reasons we created a virtual machine, with the labs already in place, to make it as easy as possible for every student to participate and get the hands-on practice.

Q: Any outside-of-the-box tips for students to get the most out of your course?
Yes. Once they work through the troubleshooting tickets that are part of the structured labs, they can also create and test other designs and topologies, as they will have a virtual machine with GNS3 configured and ready to go. This can act as a testing ground for new designs, or to practice other skills related to routing and switching.

Q: What’s one real-world application someone can expect to use, thanks to this course?
Faster troubleshooting, by having had the experience of narrowing a problem down to the fault domain (the area that the problem is happening), identifying the technology involved that is causing the failure, and quickly implementing a solution to that problem and restoring network functionality. This course will reduce the time it takes to identify and solve production network problems.

Q: What was your favorite Nugget to create?
One of the trouble tickets (labs) in the course is very devious, and will really require the student to dig deep and hang in there to solve. Because it was a very sneaky problem, it was one of the most fun to create, as well as the solution video for that trouble ticket where I demonstrated the logical process that can be used to isolate and solve the problem.

Q: What roadblocks did you come across when creating this training and how did you overcome them?
There were some very interesting results (some abnormal) when I was putting the lab scenarios together all in a GNS3 1.x virtualized environment. Because of this, I had to rework some of the network design for the labs to avoid some anomalies. During that process, the lab design and ticket creation was a troubleshooting exercise in itself. The final results are labs that are great for the learner, which makes all that time and effort totally worth it.

Q: What’s the ONE thing you hope learners take away from this training?
The learner must do each of the troubleshooting tickets (labs) and not simply watch me demonstrate their solution. The learners should do the hands on themselves, to get the most from this course, and those who do will reap the benefits of better troubleshooting skills.

Ready to test your troubleshooting skills? Start watching Keith’s course now!


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