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5 Reasons to Learn Palo Alto

email-blog (27)Security, security, security… You can really never have enough of it. The question is, do you have the RIGHT security for your organization? And is it doing what YOU want, or are you settling for what it wants?

It’s great to understand how we can bring control to our organization and our needs, and being familiar with different ways of thinking, and different vendors viewpoints will allow us to make the appropriate decisions. Once we make those decisions, then it’s good to know something about them! So what are the important reasons to learn Palo Alto?

5. Make them do our bidding. You did say that YOU were in charge, right?  You sure about that?

4. Branch out. It’s good to have options. Whether increasing your value as an employee or consultant, or looking to set yourself apart for the next gig, it’s nice have choices.

3. What color is the grass? Not sure whether it’s greener or not?  Well, try it out. See what there is and what’s available. Then tell all your friends about it! Pretty soon, everyone will look to you as the “go to” person!

2. Are you bored? Well, same stuff, different day. Avoid the ho hum doldrums. You know there’s more fun things out there! So let’s figure out how to add some zip to your day and panache to the resume!

1. You want a next-generation resume! Well, I’m not sure that this alone will help with that, but it certainly can’t hurt! Whether you are simply learning, or working towards your ACE and/or CNSE certifications, this is a great way to pad your skills and keep up with the IT security world!

Ready to explore Palo Alto Networks and its firewall solution? Watch completed videos of Scott’s in-progress “Palo Alto Networks Firewall” training course!


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