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Top Trends In Depth: Linux

email-blogEditor’s note: This is the first post in new blog series where we take a deep dive into resources for our projected top IT trends for 2015.

What is it? The Linux operating system is based on free and open source software, and is a leading server operating system, running the fastest supercomputers in the world. Our trainers agree that there are plenty of reasons you should learn Linux. Watch our Introduction to Linux NuggetCast for a quick overview.

What can I do with it? To discover all the possibilities awaiting the Linux pro, read CBT Nuggets’ trainer, and Linux guru, Shawn Powers’ account of a day in the life of a Linux administrator, or his excellent Linux for Mortals Series, which includes how Shawn got into Linux, the benefits of using Linux anywhere from your individual machine to the cloud. Shawn’s been working with Linux for nearly 20 years, find out what he’s learned so far and how Linux has helped his career.

Where to start: Here’s Shawn’s advice on where to begin and his tips for learning Linux. And if your thirst for Linux info is still not quenched? Check out our list of Linux blogs we love.

Our Training: We have Linux courses for everyone, from novices to advanced developers. A number of these courses prep you for the industry-respected and validated Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification.

  • Linux Essentials is an entry level certification designed for those interested in learning about Linux, but not quite ready for the LPIC-1 exams.
  • LPI Linux LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux+ 101 and 102. 101 is the first course in the comprehensive CBT Nuggets LPI training path. This training covers how to get started using Linux. 102 shows you how to advance your career with on-the-job skills. Passing these exams earns you 2 major Linux certs: LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux+.
  • CentOS System Administrator Prep is the freely downloadable version of Linux created from the source code of a popular commercial distribution. This course prepares you for entry level system administration and covers the certification on the commercial distribution.
  • Hadoop covers Big Data and Hadoop. Including Pig, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, and Zookeeper as well as configuring Hadoop in the cloud.
  • Ubuntu is known for making Linux on the desktop more feasible for end users. This course covers the use of Ubuntu in the server room.
  • Penetration testing with linux tools with Keith Barker offers training on BackTrack and Kali Linux, which provides easy access to an extensive collection of security-related tools ranging from port scanners to Security Audit.
  • Linux in the Real World is a virtual Linux internship, right inside your browser! Intended for all levels of Linux proficiency.
  • Linux Intermediate to Advanced Development covers the Linux kernel, shell scripts, and security. From installation and configuration to security, troubleshooting, and recovery.

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