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Top Reasons IT Pros Use Google

email-blog (22)Most IT pros have turned to Google at some point or another during their IT careers — whether they stumbled across an unfamiliar term such as SDN (software defined networking) or needed to figure out a certain PowerShell command. With that in mind, we decided to reach out to our fans on social media to find out which IT-related topics they search for most!

8 . Everything under the sun. “I manage the entire IT department with Google searches.” – Sharon L.  
7. Haven’t seen that one. “Obscure Cisco and Juniper commands for a problem that comes up once every 10 years” – Rob C.
6. Need a quick refresher. “Enabling third party sfp modules. (It’s) Not very difficult, I just keep forgetting.” – Nicholas P.
5. Always on alert. “Security vulnerabilities (and) how to mitigate them.” – Douglas R. (Editor’s note: Browse our entire security training library.)
4. Ethical hacking? “How to hack WiFi on Windows 8” – Khodani N. (Want to learn how to hack for the right reasons? Try our White Hat Hacking training.)
3. That other stuff. “Adobe & SharePoint.” – Zachary S.
2. Open Source. “Linux.” – Akrm A. (We can help you with this, too. Here’s our Linux training.)
1. PowerShell, and more PowerShell. “Normally PowerShell and (anything) vbscripting-related.” – Anup G. (Several people mentioned PowerShell. Did you know we offer some of the most comprehensive PowerShell training out there?)

So spill it, what do you turn to Google for help with on the job?


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