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Top Reasons to Learn NetApp

email-blog (23)IT storage is a big deal these days for everyone. Corporations need be able to store and access large amounts of data, while end users want to be to keep their digital files and records safe. That’s why understanding how storage technology works is a great idea. NetApp is one of the leading computer storage and data management vendors out there. So we reached out to our IT storage expert, Anthony Sequeira, for his top reasons why you should learn NetApp technology.

5. Your boss makes you. That’s right, your organization just invested heavily in a bunch of NetApp storage products and it is now part of your responsibility. As if you did not have enough on your plate! Grrrr.

4. Build that resume. Why not round out your skills by mastering the technologies of one of the IT storage industry leaders, NetApp!

3. The FlexPod is on your list. NetApp got together with Cisco and VMware and designed a really cool data center in a box-type solution. Because the NetApp is a big part of this infrastructure solution, you might want to master it today.

2. You love learning new stuff. For many of us, the IT storage part of our data center is a bit of a mystery. In this course, the “dark art” of storage becomes simple.

1. Your cert collection is stalled. Many of us just LOVE collecting IT certs. Guess what? All of CBT Nuggets’ NetApp courses will map directly to industry-leading NetApp Certifications.

Ready to give NetApp a try? Watch the completed videos of Anthony’s in-progress “NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA) NS0-145” training course.

Want to learn more about IT storage? Read Anthony’s ongoing “Storage Mastery” blog series!


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