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Tech Bit: Stress-o-Meter

stress_EMAILHave some friends who seemingly stress you out every time you talk to them? With this new technology you can finally know for sure! An app called pplkpr (pronounced “people keeper”) tracks your social interactions and determines how you feel about certain people. Learn more about it in this Mashable article!

Pplkpr works with any Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tracker that incorporates GPS and heart-rate monitoring. By syncing with these, pplkpr then begins collecting data. The app gets smarter over time and looks for trends in your relationships and then determines exactly which of your friends have positive and negative impacts on your stress levels. It also takes self-reported data into account by asking the user questions from time to time.

The goal of pplkrp is to understand how people impact you offline, because it’s easier to find trends from online interactions through Facebook and Twitter. The app was tested during a week-long study with students at Carnegie Mellon University — and appears to have positive results so far.

What do you think about pplkpr’s attempt to understand real-world interactions?


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